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The collaboration between Plinio Atelier and CVK was created naturally, through shared value and an identical vision. The two entrepreneurs saw themselves following the same path, starting first in precision mechanics. This field gave them essential skills, such as rigor and attention to detail.

Immersed in a land where a gentle mechanical vibration resonates, Corentin Von Kaenel quickly began buying machines. Allowing him, although very young, to create his own mechanical workshop while continuing his training.

Following technical studies, a period during which the two students met, a devouring desire to create linked the skills of the two entrepreneurs.

The two entities were created, and once the wills came together, the Santys and Atmos collections were born.

These pieces, imbued with passion, highlight strong symbolisms and allow not only to wear a piece of jewelry, but above all to convey values. The complementarity of the Plinio Atelier & CVK ranges gives a wide choice to the customer, who can match their jewelry to their outfit or any other accessory that is dear to them. Each piece can be ordered independently and mounted on our Santys and Atmos collections.

The objective of both brands is to give the customer as much possibility of customization as possible while maintaining finishing criteria that are specific to their universe.

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